Monday, 8 June 2015

In the present time, people are more aware of the use of internet and various websites. Whatever information and assistance we require in the present time, we prefer to get that from internet. Even, people now prefer to do their shopping from online also. But a very common problem that almost every online user has to face in different times that is “404 errors”. I must say this is quite a familiar problem on the internet. We at times ignore this problem thinking that this is a server problem or problem from the website owners. But this can be a problem from your end as well.

Below here we will be talking about some of the most prevalent yet very effective solution of this problem. Following these steps will help you get rid of the problem completely. But before going to the solution, let’s have a look at some of the very common 404 error message that we normally get to see. This message may appear in the browser on any operating system.

I) “404 not found”
II) “error 404”
III) “404 file or directory not found”
IV) “404 page not found”

There can be a few factors behind this problem. The first possibility is that the page you are trying to visit is presently not available in the server. The wrong typing of the url on the address bar may be another reason of this problem. Another possibility is there that says any of the pages of the website has been moved without redirecting the new url with the old one. Hence, let’s now have a look at the solutions.

404 error is a usual thing on the internet

a) Refreshing the page with f5 or rectifying the spelling mistake (if there is any) is the first troubleshoot of this process.

b) If you are trying to visit any particular page of any website and it’s showing 404 error, try to visit the home page of that site first. If you can successfully access the homepage, you can navigate to other pages of the website.

c) The role of the search engine may also be the reason. May be the web page is not available on that search engine. Visiting search engines like Google or Bing may solve the issue.

d) Clearing the cache from your desktop or laptop may be a big help. You should also think about clearing the cookies from your browser. Adding the page in the bookmark may clear the situation as well.

e) Changing the DNS server of your PC may be a bit of a help. Make sure that the error message is coming from all other networks. Keeping your system malware free is also a very necessity step to avoid this problem.

Following these steps will certainly be a great relief for you. And hopefully will let you enjoy a great experience of accessing the internet. If in any case the problem persists, you can search on the Google for more clarified solution.


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